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Welcome to the NYC Cryotherapy Guide. We are here to bring you the best Cryo lounges in Manhattan and amazing insights about Cold Therapy Treatments & facials. Read our blog to learn about great tips for Cryogenic related issues. We have a rigorous screening method for finding you the top Cryo experts in the city. From Midtown, to Downtown to the Upper East Side, we have you covered. Doing proper research is critical when embarking on a journey that will effect how you look and feel. Stay tuned for our great blog posts.

Cryotherapy has became one of the hottest trends in the Big Apple, and for good reason. "Cryo" means cold in Greek.

Cryotherapy provides a lot of medical benefits including the relief of muscle pain, sprains, tissue damage and more. The treatment can be applied to the whole body, part of a body or even just facially. Commercial Cryo treatments involve cold chambers, while amateur treatments can involve the simple us of immersion in an ice bath. The word on the street is that Cyrotherapy is a trend that is based on results.

Stay tuned for amazing tips that will help you understand everything you need to know about Cryotherapy, for now here is our FEATURED Q3 2018 Cold Therapy Treatment center.

Elite Cryo Lounge NYC 30 E 60th St #1403, New York, NY 10022, USA 646-484-6871*

*This business was featured  by the NYC Cryotherapy guide due to their excellence using our 4-point Cryo grading system based on  customer service, pricing, equipment quality and recommendations.

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